Chapter 7 – Matinee

“The rise of the First King.” Came a soft voice from behind. Bacchus tilted his head and watched as a tall but slender, almost stick-like, lady parted the curtains of his box. She gave the Captain a sly smile, placed a leather satchel on the ground and sat in the seat beside him.  “You know. They’re the reason my people are still persecuted in some Kingdoms.” Bacchus said to her. “Your people? The Seraph?” She questioned. “Redheads.” Bacchus replied with a straight face and the woman burst into laughter.
“For a moment there you had me concerned. Even the great Captain Bacchus is not pompous enough to call himself one of the old gods.” Said the woman as she covered her mouth to stop another chuckle.  “Well I do have the hair and can usually be seen amongst the clouds, not to mention we both share a certain duende.” Bacchus replied as he took a sip of wine. “Yes well, for one they had marvelous wings where you – use wood, sails and a well oiled engine. Second you’re not quite as captivating as you may think you are sir.” She said. Bacchus rested his thumb and forefinger upon his chin and attempted to throw the woman a side eyed glance, as if to prove her wrong. He kept the look for a few seconds before a smile broke across his face and the pair let out a combined chortle.

“It’s always a pleasure to see you Poppy.” Said the captain.
“Likewise,” Poppy said with a dip of her head. “How are you and how is business?” Bacchus asked. “Good on all accounts. Business has been bustling recently. There has been quite the stir in Kresan that has spurned all sorts of requests.” She answered. “Oh?” Bacchus inquired but Poppy waved her hand. “Movement in the royal family, of course if you’d like to know more I’d happily oblige, if you remunerate me.” She continued. Bacchus sighed in return.
“Another time perhaps Poppy. Do you have the paperwork I asked for?” Bacchus asked.
Poppy leaned over, it was like watching a beanpole bend in half. She picked up her bag and took out several scrolls.
“Of course.” She handed them over to the captain. “Documents of recognition for, uh,” Said Poppy with a pause, an unusual reaction for her. “A Subjugator Privateer.” She continued with an uneasy expression.  “It’s for a job. I’ve not taken up slavery.” Bacchus said before she could say anything else. “I should hope not, for your sake.” Poppy replied. “Will they get me into Crater?” Bacchus asked.
“Yes but you’ll need someone else to take the reins on this one.” She said. “And why is that my dear Poppy?” Said Bacchus.
“You sir; are much too recognisable. Have Karya or someone else do the talking.” Bacchus huffed at that.  “She might like that,” He said. “A little too much.” He added. “Well I must be off. It’s a shame, I quite like this performance.” Poppy said as she got to her feet.

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