Chapter 6 – The Trial

“Why?” They shouted and he persevered.  “Why?” They asked and he was silent. Then.
“Freedom.” Zephyr said through the silence and the assault lessened. “Freedom!” Zephyr answered as the air grew still.  “Freedom!!” Zephyr roared as he crested the top of the ravine. His fingers dug into the dirt as he hauled himself out and onto his feet. A circle closed on him as he exited the void. Each member held an object as if to assail him once again. In turn they dropped their weapons to the ground. Hoods came down to reveal faces in the light, some wore smiles others were content. Zephyr felt faint as he tried to smile in return. A wave of fatigue hit him all at once and the room began to spin. He tilted backwards and started to fall back into oblivion but a hand reached out and grasped his arm. It yanked him back to safety and in turn Zephyr’s head tipped forwards, his blurry eyes making contact with another’s. “Welcome to The Bucks, little brother.” Said Machuum.

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