Chapter 3

“They trade in people and ore.” Karya said with a scowl.  “People?” Holden questioned. “Long story. They buy in people and children to work the mines.” Karya answered. “So if not traders, then how about traffickers?” Holden said.
“Technically, they pay the miners. Just not enough to leave the city. “ Ned interjected.
“Slavery is bad business but it might just work.” Bacchus said. “No we’re not going to enslave anyone.” He shot a look at Gunny before the man could open his mouth.
“We’ll go in. Feign interest in providing them with new labourers whilst we get what we need from our informant.” Bacchus continued.  “Makes me sick but it’ll get us a couple of days there.” Karya said. “I don’t like it either but we’ve already accepted the job.” Bacchus then turned to the rest of the crew. “Right, Holden, get the ship dressed. Make us look like raiders.” He ordered. Holden nodded. “Gunny, prepare for if things go south.” He said and the man grinned in way of a reply. “Mave, set course for Claybar Commons” He said and she performed a slight curtsy.  “Karya and I will work on the details. Let’s get to it!” Captain Bacchus commanded.

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