Chapter 3

“Captain?” Came an inquiry from Karya. “The coins, there’s an even mix here, not all from the same place.” He answered. “Makes sense. Too much coin to gather from just one Kingdom.” She replied. “No, it’s too equal. As if it was done on purpose.” He said “Who would do that?” She asked. “Someone who doesn’t want to be known.” He said as he flicked the coins, one at a time, back into the chest. Then closed the lid.  “Gather Gunny, Mave and the rest of The Bosun. We’ve got work to do.” The Captain said to his first mate.
“Aye, Sir” She said with another convulsion. Bacchus smiled.  “Still not free of that habit yet?” He said as he took note of her arm.
”Never will be.” She replied, glanced around and then gave in to a brief salute before she ran to fetch the rest of the officers. Bacchus gave the order to another crewmen for the gold to be taken below deck and secured until they could deposit it.  The Captain made his way along the ship’s deck. He basked in the elegance of the vessel. The Glee was Captain Bacchus’ pride and joy. It was more than that. It was his soul incarnate. The ship soared through the sky like no other. Engineered by one of the greatest artificer’s this side of the known world and a relic to a time past. Sails designed for speed that sat at an angle which allowed them to break the wind rather than catch it. At the same time they sheltered the crew from the sun and air currents. Situational hull that could be morphed. Twin engines that did more than just propel them forward. Blades and rudders that were his limbs. To him it all equated to freedom. It would take time for Karya to gather the officers together so Bacchus spent a moment playing the role of Captain. Which meant pretending to be doing something. He inspected the crew at work as they tightened lanyards, scrubbed the topside and added fresh powder from the kegs. Thirty five airmen in total made it so the ship was always in motion even when it was docked. He was proud of the crew they had assembled. And in turn he and the crew had made a name for themselves. Doors on the quarterdeck swung open and a summons came for the Captain. Karya’s voice carried just as well in the wind as it did in the tavern. Bacchus made his way past the crew quarters to the auditorium. It wasn’t the bridge, that was the room above where navigation sat. Instead it was a room with a view, and a world map. They conducted most of their meetings that didn’t involve some kind of liquor in here and even some that did. Inside the room sat the five officers or Bosun. First Mate Karya, Gunny the Weapon’s Master and Chief Powder Monkey, Mave the Navigator, Holden the Quartermaster and finally Big Ned, the Chef. “What are we in for this time then MAD TWATTER?” Gunny shouted more than said the last two words. He had some kind of nervous speech ailment yet his hands were steady as stone when it came time for shooting. “I mean Cap.’” Corrected Gunny.
“Can’t be as bad as the last job. I had sand in every crevice for at least a week” Said Mave.

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