Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – The Job Captain Bacchus stood upon the deck of The Glee and oversaw his men as they made claim to not one but two weighty coffers. An unmarked wagon and some burly men had unloaded the chests just after the first rays of dawn broke through the night sky. Of course Bacchus himself had been abed at the time. Sleeping off the beginnings of a gnarly hangover. And, of course, in his haste to drink himself into a stupor he had forgotten to tell his crew about neither the job nor the recompense being delivered in the morn.

The two idiots on watch that night. Waldwick and Claxton had stood there for hours as they gambled upon what the contents of the trunks were. Neither of them had the forethought to check for themselves. So for hours; Enough treasure to buy half a Kingdom, albeit a small one or maybe just a township, sat on the city docks and waited for anyone just to saunter by and take them. As it happens that’s exactly what had happened. Drunk as an old man’s fart. A drudge from the docks had stumbled upon the boxes. Literally stumped his toe. The man then tried to pilfer one. Which according to Waldwick and Claxton was quite the show. It wasn’t until a failed attempt resulted in gold being flung across the walkway that the two men took action. Apparently they had to fight off the rabble. The drunk fellow was the only one who managed to escape, a single coin in hand. Good on him. Thought Captain Bacchus. Mind you if I see the bastard I’ll teach him how to fly.  A woman accompanied the two men and guided them across the gangplank. Treasure in toe. She ordered them to place the chests in front of the Captain. Bacchus gave a look to the two of them. An old trick had taught him silence was the best way to break a man. It worked. Claxton’s nerves gave way and he bumbled.  “Quite the morning there aye Captain? Funny thing it was,” Said Claxton. Waldwick could see his companions’ mistake and tried to rescue the situation.  “Not funny so to say, more like, good thing we were there, like? To save the coin and all that.” Waldwick said to no avail.  “Karya,” Bacchus said as he turned to his first mate. “How do you think we should reward the lads?” He continued.  She stood tall and erect. Her hair was secured at the back but the tail of it still blew in the crisp morning breeze.  “Captain?” She said accompanied by a twitch from her right arm. “I think a month in the bilge will do them good. All this fresh air has gone to their heads.” She said with a smile.
In union the pair complained.
“Aw, Cap’n.” Came a moan from Claxton. “I’m airsick enough as it is” A complaint from Waldwick. Karya clapped her hands together in their direction and they were both off on their duties. Bacchus dipped a hand into one of the open coffers and pulled out a bunch of coins.
“We should bank this at our next stop.” He said as he examined the currency.  

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