Chapter 2

Heavy breathing filled the alleyway. Zephyr crouched whilst Joulan leaned against a wall. Nervous laughter rose up from Zephyr and reverberated in Joulan. Both boys were still weary as it had been a tense evening but parts of that tension melted away in part now. They rebounded in each other’s joy.  “We did it.” Zephyr said as he got to his feet.  “We did it.” Joulan echoed.Joulan raised his hand and opened his fist. The necklace dangled from between his fingers. Zephyr reached out but Joulan moved it away.
“Promise,” He said as he adopted a serious tone. “Promise, My sister won’t be involved in your schemes.” Eyes locked onto his friend as he said it.
Zephyr nodded. “It was the last time Joul. Mitzy won’t be involved any more.” Zephyr said.
Joulan sought something within Zephyr’s gaze but whatever it was, hid well in the reflection. He dropped the necklace into his friend’s waiting palm.
“What is it anyway?” Joulan said to his friend.
“A key.” Zephyr replied as he opened the locket. The picture was no longer there. It had been replaced by floral petals which he let float to the floor. It took a second of fidgeting but he finally unlocked a concealed compartment. A soft glow lit Zephyr’s face as he revealed the piece of ore that had been hidden inside.
“My key to getting out of here.”

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