Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Into the Cat House

During the construction of Crater the merchant guilds contracted Geomancers to apprise and inform them on their find. What they found was a wealth of exotic and more common minerals alike. Rarest and most valuable amongst them was the Skiilite, which is key in the construction of Airship engines. Whereas they also found Glowstone on mass. The substance makes up the majority of the chasm walls.  It soaks up the light from the sun and releases it slowly during the darker hours. This means that the lower levels of the city tend to be brighter during the night than they are at day. All ores are mined and exported to neighbouring kingdoms for quite the profit. – Tinkers Note # Dusk began to creep into the depths of the city. The flicker of light from above was replaced by a soft blue glow from the great cliffs that ringed the city. Lichen replaced the grass of the upper world, roots in place of trees and mushrooms grew where water trickled down from above. To anyone used to an open sky and daylight it would have come across as quite eerie but to those who spent their life here it was simply the norm. Of course we would be able to see the sky if it were not for the hideous metallic towers the fat merchants lived in. Pondered Zephyr. Zephyr, Joulan and Mitzy had begun their daily trek home. In quiet contemplation as they all thought upon the day’s excitement. They lived with others in a place for children without any parents. Of which Crater had many.  Other miners, workers and breaker boys took their own paths back toward Shanty, a sprawling slum town and their own little corner of civilisation. A mechanical lift that led to the upper world was the center of it all. All other buildings spiraled from there as well as a few maintenance lifts for businesses and ore transportation.  As the track split Zephyr veered off from his two companions. Joulan and Mitzy stopped and stared at him.
“What’s the plan then Zep?” Mitzy said as she looked at her friend expectantly.  “I’m going after that necklace Mitz, I need your help.” Zephyr replied. “Both of you” He added as he glanced at Joulan.
“This is mad.” Joulan said as he took a step towards Zephyr. “Don’t you think you’ve pissed him off enough already?” He continued.  “Not yet, Joul. And I do have a plan.” Zephyr said as he threw Mitzy a smile.  “Let’s hear it then!” She replied with a glint in her eye.  Together the three stepped to the side and began to conspire. Mitzy leaned in close, ears perked.
“So, I know where he will be and when he will be there. We just have to sneak in and get the necklace without him noticing.” Zephyr said.  “Oh, that easy?,” said Joulan  “Ow where?” Said Mitzy.  “Madame Boswells.” Zephyr said.
Mitzy back straightened in an instant “No.” Came a short reply. The spark from her eyes had retreated.
“Come on Mitz, I need you, you’re the one that…” Zephyr began
“Stop it. “ Joulan said to Zephyr as he placed a hand on his shoulder. Mitzy had turned around at this point and taken a step toward home. 

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