Chapter 1

“Why’d he do it anyway? Must of known he’d be caught!” Mitzy said. “Desperate,” Zephyr said. “They were gonna make him work the mines soon. What else was he gonna do?” He continued.  “Wouldn’t of been as bad for Jerome if you hadn’t of an…antag.. pissed off the overseer. You know not to mess with Jayr, out of all them he’s the only one who put a stick up his own arse.” Joulan said.  “Wasn’t my plan” Zephyr said with a pause. “Jerome shouldn’t of got caught.” He continued with a shrug. “What was that about anyway Zep? I never knew your ma had left you a keepsake?” Zephyr looked up at his friend and finally a smile crept across his lips. “She didn’t.”

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