“Unusual?” The Captain said whilst he placed his elbows on the table and leaned in. “Yes. We cannot tell you what you seek or who we work for. If the disappearance of our… treasure were to get out there would be quite the commotion.” Chandler said. “I see.” Bacchus replied, straightening his back. “I don’t play games and theatrics will only entertain me for so long. Find someone else.” He said as he pushed his chair back. Chandler coughed then bumbled out his next words. “We will reward you and your crew handsomely!” With a clap, one of the men, who was not Claudius, entered the room and placed a chest full of coin on the table then departed just as swiftly. “Half now and half again when you return, over fifty times your usual asking price, Captain.”  Captain Bacchus’ eyes grew wide as he eyed the chest. He took a coin and flicked it into the air.
“My apologies, how rude of me, by all means please continue.” He said. Chandler smiled and slid his glasses back on.
“We can’t tell you what you are looking for but we can tell you what to look for and where. Once you have it then it need not be a secret.” Chandler continued. The man then brought out a sealed parchment from his jacket pocket. “Do we have a deal, Captain?” Chandler said. Captain Bacchus eyed the parchment and nodded.
“Fine. I accept, we have a deal.” The captain said. Bacchus leaned back in his chair and unrolled the parchment. His eyes scanned back and forth as he read out the details of the request. His lips drew into a smile and he brought his palm to his forehead. Chandler and his men had left with the promise that the first half of the payment would be brought to their ship at dawn. With his work done Bacchus Caduceus, Captain of the Glee veiled himself once again and left the room.  As he strode down the hallway, past the lavatory, the hooded fellow from earlier peeled off of the wall and matched his step with the Captains. As he entered the common room – several of the gamblers, without a word, put down their cards, rose from their seats and joined the convoy. The fair headed songstress stopped mid song, scooped up her tips, made a curtsy to the crowd and stepped beside Bacchus, in front of the others.  “So my Captain, where are we heading this time?” She said. All pretense of a soft voice gone.  Captain Bacchus opened the door into the fresh night air.  “Crater, we’re going to Crater.” He replied and together they left the tavern.

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