“Um I uh, in the back lad. Past the lav, the room to the right. Knock thrice” The barman said as his rosey cheeks turned scarlet.  “Knock thrice, I’ll knock you thrice” Captain Bacchus grumbled as he took his beer and placed a few coins on the bar. With that he stood up and took three steps away before he turned around, marched right back to the bar and picked up his plate of nuts. Bacchus then lifted his nose up into the air and made his way towards the room.

Nibbling as he made his way down the corridor he nodded to a hooded fellow who leaned against the wall just outside the lavatory. A general courtesy amongst travellers. He then turned right and knocked on the door, thrice. Must be nobles, they know how to suck the fun out of these things with their cliches. He thought as he waited for someone to answer the door. Several bites later the door swung ajar to a brawny man who wore a tan shirt. He looked the Captain up and down before he ushered him in. The room was modest, large enough for a small party, with two entrances. A table stood upon a fine carpet and surrounded by several chairs whilst the space had its own hearth to keep its occupants comfortable.  A man sat alone at the table. He eyed the captain as he entered the room. Bacchus returned the scrutiny. The man wore a fine crimson coat and a pair of bronze spectacles, rare things that sat upon a sharp nose. “Am I correct in assuming you are Bacchus Caduceus, Captain of The Glee?” The sharp nosed man said. Bacchus stepped forward and with a flourish threw back his hood letting his red locks fall into place. Followed by a moment of silence in the room. “Captain Bacchus?” The man repeated.
The captain breathed out slowly. “Yes, The one and only.” “Do you not think it a fool’s errand to come alone, Captain?” Said the man as Bacchus saw a sizeable shadow approach from the corner of his eye. Arms closed in on him but within the span of a heart beat Bacchus had dropped his ale and brandished two weapons. A rapier twirled behind his back and lay, point first, at the neck of the bouncer,  whilst a flintlock pistol was leveled at the man seated at the table, who as of yet had remained unmoved.  It took a mere moment for the silence to be broken. The second door burst open and two men stepped in, they wore armour from a house that Bacchus did not recognise.
“Enough Claudeus, I think the good captain has shown his merit. You and your men may leave.” Said the man at the table. Claudeus waited until the blade held at his throat was lowered then nodded and left without ceremony, his men followed. Captain Bacchus smoothed his cloak and ran his hands through his hair.  “Was that necessary?” He said to the man. “Quite, this is a serious matter yet I am still shocked you came alone.” The man said.
“As you requested. Now who are you and what’s the job? My curiosity has waned.” Bacchus replied.
“You may call me Chandler.” Said the man. The candle on the table reflected the brightness of the man’s teeth as he made an attempt to smile. “As for the matter at hand, please sit. I promise we shall not assail you again. Your safety is secure.” He continued
“Right, Chandler…” Bacchus replied as he stowed his daggers. “To business then.” He continued before he took a forlorn look at the spilt ale upon the carpet.

“We need you to find something precious that was stolen from us. Yet here is where the request becomes unusual.” Chandler said as he removed his spectacles. 

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