Just like that I was gone with the wind. I retreated into the crowd and made my way out of the club. The valet retrieved my Pininfarina, the Maserati, and complimented me on my choice of cars. I already knew the milage would be a deal higher than when I’d arrived. I got into the car and took one last look at the Mama Rumba. Upon the steps stood Madame Blanche with her arms across her chest. I gave her a salute and took my leave.

Back in the safety of my hotel I took the microfilm from my jacket pocket. I opened the lid to inspect the contents. I expected details on the Ratlines, escape routes that Nazi’s used to get out of europe and into Southern America. What I got shouldn’t have surprised me. Inside the container lay one blue, sparkling, sapphire earring. Who’s the devil now, I thought. I wondered then if I would ever see Madame Cherlet Blanche ever again. If we’d ever again take to the dance floor as partners. You see those in the espionage game don’t tend to live long fruitful lives.

I am one of the lucky ones. It has been many years since I left the world of secrets. Now as I lay here in my bed, well into my ninety ninth year, on this world I can only smile. I have lived a long, meaningful existence, full of laughter, dance, and all the good, little things in life. Beside me my wife rests, fast asleep. It is to her, that I am retelling the story of how we first met, how I fell in love with those Sapphire eyes.

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